Tuesday, June 30, 2009

曹仁超 - The Commoner's Stock Guru


This guy created a whole fortune in excess of HKD$100 Million thru' investing with only less than HKD$100 Thousand. We can learn a lot from this guy and he is very humourous too. I especially like his comments on taking analysts' views too seriously. He mentioned that to be successful, you learn from those who have done it successfully. However, he have serious reservations taking views from analysts whose networth might be less than yours and who have not demonstrated success in their own investment venture.

So, for those who are interested in attending stock trading/forex trading or whatever course, please do see whether the trainer is successful in what he is teaching. Or did he become rich by conducting courses?

Or how about the financial advisors or bankers who are trying to get their own finances in order, advising you to plan for your future?? :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

China's Pretty Millionairess







She's worth RMB 500 Million (equivalent to around SGD$100mil) and is only 30yrs old! And She's pretty too! This is the changing face of China, it will have more millionaires and at younger age too. The China Story is one I believed in and I would think if history is of any guide, China's stock market might mirror that of US or HK market in its earlier years when blue chips were sold for pennies but over 10-20years, turned out to be worth $100s. Anyway, if you believe in the china story, a good way for you to access it is via ETFs in HK if you dont like stock picking.

2823.HK - FXI XinHua/A50 China Tracker tracks the Top 50 enterprises (A-shares) listed in Shanghai Stock Market but is invested using sythetic duplication (ie, not direct stakes in the stocks but thru' derivatives).
2828.HK - H-shares China Tracker tracks the H-shares(China enterprises listed in Hongkong Stock Exchange) and is directly invested.

Both are good buys , though some believe that 2828.HK will have more room for appreciation as H-shares is always priced at a discount to A-shares. For myself, I just spread the bets equally among the 2 ETFs and will be holding for at least till the next bull.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bonds Versus Property

Depending on your capital, you might want to consider treating physical property as an alternative to bonds instead.

I am of the view that bonds if bought under par will give you upside limited to the discount you bought it at, unless interest rate continues dropping which is unlikely.

However, properties bought below par or even at par can have unlimited appreciation and can be held for the long term (99-999yrs).

Both will give you fixed income streams but the distinctive advantage of property is that you control it and will ultimately owned it and it will generate recurrent income stream for the duration of its tenure.

Further, Bonds is not a good hedge against inflation but property will be. And we are right now at the tip of a new secular trend of a bond bear market due to the expansion of monetary supply and interest rate rise.

For myself, I will not buy any more bonds and will instead direct the money into properties and equities.