Friday, December 27, 2013

Year 2013 "passive" income from portfolio.

2013 ends with a net passive income of $250,000 (rounded off). My New Year Resolution! To find another few revenue streams of ACTIVE income like a job or a business. I am constantly amazed at how much BUSINESS people (Small business owners) are making PER MONTH. And this post is a reminder of where I am at year 2013 and I hope I can achieve what they earned in a year 2014 end?

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Implementing a paperless office and GTD system using EverNote.

I have a lot of bank statements, bills, dividends/coupon advice etc etc and I tend to keep a lot of these stuff because there is always an fear I might need to refer to it some time in the near future(bills) or for my own audit purposes(bank statements, bank advices).

These has resulted in very unnecessary clutter. So, I googled and found this guy's suggestion of paperless office very appealing to me. A bit draggy but In summary, you just buy a scanner to scan all the papers and integrate it to EVERNOTE! Whoopie! This is the solution I was looking for, and why didn't I think of that since I have a perfectly good HP Multi-function printer lying around which I barely used! I'm going to scan and throw away all the unnecessary clutter! 

One of my TO-DO that need to be checked off before the NEW YEAR! :) Speaking of which, I also wanted to try becoming more organised and ACTION-ORIENTED by implementing a GTD-system using Evernote. I have explored a lot of other  GTD apps but none come close to Evernote for it flexibility as well as capability in storing immense amount of information and of course, not needing for me to flip between programs to find information. I read this website I will be just implementing a simple system of 1 Notebook with tags of @GTD-Inbox, @GTD-WIP, @GTD-KIV, @GTD-Reference, @GTD-Done.

When you need to lookup on items, just filter to the relevant tag and all the notes(tasks) related to the tag will be there. So example, if I only wanted to find out tasks that are already WIP and office-related , I will filter for  "@GTD-WIP" & "office" and that's it! If it's a project, you can add another tag for the project. If you need to the task to be assigned to a group of people, just tag the names. Simple and intuitive!

Reminders will be done via the the inbuilt Evernote Reminder. However, I am also exploring integration with Google Calender using I use Google Calendars to find out tasks that needs to be done on specific day via the Google Agenda. EventNoted will also compiled a list of tasks in chronological order and put it into your EverNote as a Note for a great summary.

So there you have it, creating a Task with the Who, What, When, Where effortlessly in Evernote.

Let's hope this will make me more ogranized and action-packed! 8)