Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tampines Trilliant Feng Shui

Update from another fengshui site.. Seems like those not ranked are undesirable within the development.

Credit to : http://www.geomancy.net/phpforum/article.php?bid=2&fid=43&mid=31750&s=2

Extract from Feng Shui Case Study
Using the Tampines Trilliant as an illustration, this development site is well-positioned with respect to the Serangoon Harbour in the Northeast, which could serve as the Main Water Mouth (水口).
With the Main Entrance entering the site in the Southeast direction, this ushers theGrowth “Water” (长生水) or prosperous Qi into the site and residents would benefit from this formation which conforms to one of the 4 Major Water structures in San He Water Assessment Theory (三合水法). With reference to this formation, it denotes nobleman help, good recognition, status and reputation. In addition, it would also foster good people luck (旺人丁), especially will prosper the eldest Child or Grandchild.
With the Tampines Bike Park and the Sun Plaza Park in the North and East of this site respectively, this could conform to the Direct and Indirect Spirit (大零正Feng Shui Principle. The site is timely (当旺and enjoy good Feng Shui for the next 30 years.



Why I bought the Trilliant?

P/S : Just to cater to the folks who got directed here because they googled for "Tampines Trilliant Feng Shui". I saw the search stats. :p

Monday, February 27, 2012

Why I bought the Tampines Trilliant.

I just bought a 1970sqft 4bedroom Penthouse in Tampines Trilliant. :)

Anyhow, Location and amenities aside, I would like to share my rationale for buying the PH (and paying for the roof). We must remember we are not the developer and we can only buy the total area and the roof is indeed strata-titled to us. There are three reasons why i think we need to pay a cost for the roof or the usable space.
1) When it comes to enbloc, your share of the development will be determined by the size of your strata-titled unit(1970sqft), not the livable space. So your share size(and your corresponding enbloc "windfall") is definitely bigger than the normal 1303sqft 4bedroom.

2) If developer give you foc the roof, 1st-timer who wants a 1303sqft 4bedroom will all grab the >1970sqft penthouse, no need to think. So if demand exceeds supply in a development, you need to pay some cost for the space.

3) When we sell it to another buyer, the buyer can decide to buy a  1303 sqft 4 bedroom without the roof or the 1970sqft 4 bedroom penthouse with the roof. In which case , if the buyer decides to buy from us, he will have to pay for the roof. Willing buyer , willing seller. The developer will not give you the windfall for free.(But still got meat on table for me). How to calculate the discounted $psf on roof, I elaborate below.

This is my understanding of how to calculate sale price of a penthouse with roof or PES, during the lull period before 2007. I'm using my penthouse as an example.

Penthouse 4bedroom size is 1970sqft.

The PES I estimate will be around 667sqft (Assumed the largest 4bedroom of 1303sqft has all usable space). I hope you understand there is no end to nitpicking on what counts and what does not as usable space (But my definition of good livable space is balconies, but not bay windows and planters outside the windows while aircon ledge is essential for your aircon unless you prefer to place it inside your house).

So let's worked out the sums :)

Esimated value of 1303sqft 4bdrm is around $997k, which works out to be around $765psf.
Estimated value of 1970sqft PH is around $1.18mil which works out to be around $598psf. (Your buy $psf)

Your PH sqft consist of 1303sqft of usable space + 667sqft of balcony,roof,aircon space.
So you need to pay (1303sqft * $765psf) + (667sqft * [$765psf/2]) = $1.25mil which equates to $635psf. So you are not paying more than you should. Of course, I think those who got it at $570psf even better, but I think that was those in the first day queue..

Now, when you are selling, what are you up against? :) Sorry, I discount DBSS and HDB coz they are not like for like comparison imho. ECs and Condos are similar but ECs are priced at a discount to Condos because of its 5yr restriction(before selling to PR/Singaporeans) and 10yr restriction to foreigners. But once 5yrs up, it is a full-fledged condo for all intent and purposes. I believed 5yr you can definitely sell to rich Singaporeans/PRs. Penthouses are limited supply in most condo developments.

Buyer Groups searching for 4bedders in vicinity of D18 of Pasir Ris and Tampines:-
1) Got budget of $1 mil. You can do search in property guru. But most probably, these group will buy the smaller 4bedrooms, so I no fate with them. But I can't find any normal sized 4bedders at that price. Mostly it's the NEW ECs with >1200sqft.

2) Got budget of around $1.2mil. Take a look at the prices and size. (Remember, most also include baywindows, balconies, aircon ledge etc).
a) My Manhattan , 1313sqft, $1197psf, $1.57mil. (new launch)
b) NV Residences, 1453sqft, $825psf, $1.2mil (new launch)
c) Tropica, 1506sqft, $836psf, $1.26mil (Old Resale) (Best value since it's the old type, no balcony etc)
d) Palette, 1378sqft, $834psf, $1.15mil. (New Launch)

3) Similar penthouses that has no views or lousy facings or good facings.. Couldn't digged out more penthouses since it's not as much in supply as 4bedrooms and naturally, most who buy are not selling, but renting out.
a) Palette, 2217sqft,$811psf, $1.8mil (SOLID layout, 5bedrooms, this is good)
b) NV Residences, 2497sqft, $792psf, $1.98mil
c) My Manhanttan, 1905sqft, $1092PSF, $2.09mil.

So if you buy now at $1.2mil, can you sell at $1.2mil or even $1.5mil with no problem? :)
1st Floor - 3.6m floor to ceiling goodness
 with good sized living + dining for safety
2nd Floor - Place to build my outdoor balinese oasis
with another big space for all my lai sa lai kor

Disclaimer : All prices will be invalidated when property crash comes, NO ONE CAN ESCAPE apart from those who bought before 2007..hehe... But if you wait 10yrs...(since have to live in it)... it will come back for sure... Just my view.. Like how I also think Jurong at $600psf cannot buy..but now $900psf..Also got people rush in...value changes..and when it crash.. the bottom will always be hgigher than the last one. Assumption again :)

Will the Trilliant be a brilliant decision making me a billion? I doubt it. But for a poorman's penthouse, it will do :) Oh btw, I am living in a 1900sqft 4 bedder near the city now, so it is a downgrade for me? :p