Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The remaking of Singapore. It's time..

Looking back at all the policies tweak happening within the country, I cannot help but looked back at the person from within the establishment who might have probably started the ball rolling.

The articles are too long to summarise and would also do injustice to the person writing it.

Look thru' the articles and suggestions and you can see quite a few suggestion being implemented.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Don't be enamored by stock market making you rich.

Great article on why the stock market is probably not the best place to make anyone rich. Like with all things, the top 20% make most of the money and for the average folks, it is still better to concentrate on your own production capability or your own business where the payoff might be better. Imagine working 8 hours 5days work week will give you $x,xxx amount from someone but working with Mr Market under the same circumstances might not be a guaranteed.

Having said that, the stock market probably is still a good choice for people who can accept returns in the form of dividends to fund their lifestyle. Capital gains are a bonus. I have many stocks that have returned 30-100% over the last 3yrs. However, when I sell those, I have to look for something else to replace them and the new ones might or might not give me the same cashflow. If you eat away your capital gain, you are back to square one. So I still find dividends/coupons more suitable for funding retirement. Of course, I will still sell all my stocks if I feel the market bloodbath coming. I don't believe in buy and hold for stocks.

Oh here's the link to  Pragmatic Capitalism article.