Thursday, June 2, 2011

Portfolio Update May 2011

2011 Year to date (YTD) Return
Portfolio 0.51%

Dividend/Interest for 2011   $78,909

Absolute Return Since 11/2007
Portfolio 12.33%

Time to be cautious? The last month, 3 notable fund managers (Howard Marks, Doug Kass, Jeremy Grantham) felt the market is going to experience a significant correction and possibly a crisis soon. Their advice were to lighten up on your portfolio in equities going forward. The scariest piece of news I've seen is when bond manager, Bill Gross, questioned who will be buying Treasuries when the FED stopped buying. *GULP*. QE2 ending 30th June. Watch that space....

Just yesterday, the mood swung and it seems no news was good news. How the mood swings. So, what do we do now? For myself, I would watch the market and if the long-term trend changes bearish, we will have to react accordingly and reduce our weightage to equities (probably 30% or less for me).
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