Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Portfolio Update May 2010

2010 Year to date (YTD) Return
Equity(Include Funds) 
Direct Shareholding
Dividend/Coupon/Interest received for 2010

Absolute Return Since Nov 2007
Portfolio -0.78%
Equity(Include Funds) 12.28%
Direct shareholding12.80%

1) A market with very conflicting views. Positive economic data globally coupled with negative news about European Debt Contagion and Tensions arising in the korean peninsular and Israel/Iran Straits. From a Technical perspective, the market is definitely capabale of breaching and morphing into a bear market as most indexes have touched the major trend lines. However, I still believe this is the correction that is due and the bull market will resume soon. Though I will not buy further on dips as I believe Cash holdings are necessary for those unexpected events. Just keep a watch out now!

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