Tuesday, June 11, 2013

J-Gateway -Price Leader or Price Follower?

The only question now is if you buy the Jurong Condo ..How high can the price go?
Go a little higher.. you have a choice of PRIME MARINA BAY DISTRICT CONDO.
Rental no doubt will be damn solid. But take a look at the surrounding HDB..
I can bet the rental also will be very SOLID.
Even the surrounding condos rental will be SOLID.

So why buy the price leader? The price leader can only be profitable if it break it's own high.
Usually in a bull market, there is no lack of new highs. But is it a bull market still?
Also, the price follower (the surround condos) don't have to break the region's high to be profitable.

Of course, you can do a search on the surround plot of tendered residential land (GLS) and do a
projection of whether a developer will be willing to bid at least x psf plus construction costs to match what is the price point of the J-Gateaway.

That said, if the price is before discount and it goes down to $1200 psf, it seems a good buy still.

addon : Just for fun, I think the usual sell-out of the 1 bedders will be a given.