Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Portfolio Update March 2010

2010 Year to date (YTD) Return
Equity(Include Funds) 
Direct Shareholding
Dividend/Coupon/Interest received for 2010

Absolute Return Since Nov 2007
Portfolio 10.15%
Equity(Include Funds) 19.88%
Direct shareholding23.31%

1) You start seeing monetary tightening by governments thru' interest rate movements. This is nothing to be afraid of as this is the initial tightening phase from a period of excess liquidity and low interest rate. Tightening of interest rate will only affect investment sentiments when interest rate is at normal levels but start moving up. On the contrary, interest rate tightening is a form of indication by governments that the economy is indeed in recovery mode and this is reason to be in equities still.

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