Sunday, October 27, 2013

Not bad. I'm seeing more and more local millionaires investors.

I am seeing more and more millionaire investors blogging their investment rationale and decisions.

Not bad at all :) More people to learn from. 

Do check out his blog. I think there are people who can write pretty well like musicwhiz and this guy. And there are those like me who write what we feel and not really like to get into the details. Probably coz I am not as knowledgeable as them. And there are those like drizzit who likes to take well-written articles from investment gurus and repackage it for his audience. Useful nonetheless. But must credit the original author more often though. :)

So.. I'm adding this guy into my to read blogs.

On a sidenote, it does seems the world is just getting from very bad to less bad and to normal. I kinda have this gut feel the global market is going on an extended bull market. The corrections are yearly but there is no crash at all.. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Real People Real Results! 6 figure dividends annually.

If anyone still doubt it is possible to get income from the stock market, look no further..

Here is a REAL LIFE VOICE telling us his journey. Mr AK71.

He sounds different from what I imagine he to be.. So interesting.. next up maybe I want to hear Createwealth888.