Sunday, July 27, 2014

A good source of information from real property investors.

This discussion thread is for sharing good lobangs with the forumers here. Please feel free to contribute any good lobangs that you had come across.In the current low sale-volume climate, we foresee many developers' projects going to drop prices soon - especially for those unsold units that are near, or have even passed, their T.O.P dates. In fact, some have already dropped prices. I shall start by contributing here:
27 July 2014
1) Vermont on CairnhillCairnhill Rise (D09)FreeholdJust T.O.P.Many units went by more than half-million dollars discounts Results: 31 units out of the last 34 units were sold in 2 weeks upon the start of the discount program.Currently left with only 3 units of 3BR.From $2.691m, or $2016psf nett.

2) WhitehavenPasir Panjang Road (D05)FreeholdLast unit of 4BR DK ($1530psf) and 12 units of penthouses (from $1285psf)Developer opened to negotiation! 

3) The SkywoodsDairy Farm Road (D23) near Hillview MRT Station99-years LHPrices have dropped to $1,1xx to $1,3xx psf Results: 19 units sold in 2 weeks

4) The CrestPrince Charles Crescent (D03)99-years LHPrices are averagely $1,6xx psf to $1,9xx psf. Already cheaper than the neighbouring Echelon, yet buyers will enjoy additional ABSD rebates.

5) Hallmark ResidencesEwe Boon Road (D10) near Stevens MRTFreeholdT.O.P. coming soonPrices slashed by 10%. Average prices dropped from $2,3xx psf to $1,8xx psf (for 3BR from $2.8m, 4BR from $3.5m) to $1,9xx psf (for 2BR, from $1.89m).Results: 40% sold in 2weeks. For buyers looking for 4BR, there are only 2 units left.

6) The TrilinqJalan Lempeng (D05) near Clementi MRT99-yrs LHDeveloper opened to negotiation. But re-launch program coming soon. Stay tuned.

For those who are looking to buy property or intend to invest in property, it is always good to keep up with on the ground information and discussion provided by helpful local property investors.

I frequent this forum to take in the information and news and strategies of like-minded investors.

Do note, of course, there are perma-bulls and perma-bears in there and you need to take everything with a pinch of salt. Likewise, there will be successful property agents masquerading as investors(frequently they are too) but trying to sing up the market.

So here you go.. the link to a world of property knowledge..

One of the "luminaries" from the forum is PropertySoul. She was featured in Sunday Times recently. Check her out :

Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to be good at something after 20 hours.

Josh Kaufman explains the myth of requiring 10,000 hours which is equivalent to 5 years of working full-time to learn something. It is a rule of thumb for world class level performance. But to get  good(not competitive level pro) at something, you only required 20 hours as the learning curve is steep initially.

The way to do it is to :-
1) Deconstruct the skill (a bit similar to 4 hour chef) and break it down to little tasks or skillset.

2) Learn enough to self-correct - thru at least 3 different sources either thru the best books/courses/video available on the subject. Do not read too many books and move on to put what you learn from these 3 sources into practise. People usually procrastinate by saying "i will start doing once i read another 3 books and so on and so forth".

3) Remove practise barriers - Be focus on the subject and not be distracted by whatever gets you distracted daily.

4) Practise at least 20 hours - Pre-commit 20 hours to overcome the initial fustration barrier or fear of failure.

Thursday, July 17, 2014