Saturday, July 9, 2011

Portfolio Update June 2011

2011 Year to date (YTD) Return
Portfolio -0.91%

Dividend/Interest for 2011   $106,578

Absolute Return Since 11/2007
Portfolio 11.06%

Lousy performance by myself. I don't know what to say! :p But to make myself happier, since Nov 2007(when i started the portfolio), I had an equity portfolio XIRR of 8.16% and a total portfolio XIRR of 3.85%. What does this means? It means, I have only tracked the long-term average of 8-10% in equity. The total portfolio XIRR of 3.85% means I have beaten the local deposit rates and I would have done better simply putting all my money into a SGD Corporate Bond like DBS which could yield me more than 4%. But then again, bonds will never give you equity-like return of 8-10% :) and my weightage of bonds/cash makes performance a drag on the total portfolio XIRR.

I've been wondering... how can a bull market end this year or next when it haven't actually felt like a bull since end 2010. Is the herd on the pessimistic side? Does it even feel like a bull. I only felt the bull in the property market for the last 3 yrs. Time for equities to outperform? :)
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