Thursday, September 2, 2010

Portfolio Update August 2010

2010 Year to date (YTD) Return
Portfolio -1.24%
Equity(Include Funds)  -0.39%
Direct Shareholding 2.46%
Dividend/Coupon/Interest received 2010 YTD$115,981
Absolute Return Since Nov 2007
Portfolio 3.26%
Equity(Include Funds) 18.06%
Direct shareholding19.17%
I would think the economy is still in recovery mode and market is in a stage of confidence building and accumulation for the next leg up. Staying vested in equities, though, I have allocated more cash into Australian short-term deposit of 1-3months tenure. I find having more cash, even if it earns a meager return of 4.5%, allows me to sleep better at night  and not worrying too much on the fluctuation of the equity portfolio.

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