Monday, June 29, 2015

Don't Succumb to Peer Pressure or Keeping up with the Jones(Tans).

Q: What's the most extravagant thing you have bought?
A Chanel bag for myself as a Mother's Day present "from my one-year-old daughter" (laughs). It was really because of peer pressure. For instance, at my office there was a lady whose bag collection could have probably bought a small HDB flat.
They would talk about what kind of bag and how many of those you should have after working in the industry for six to seven years, for instance. But I found the Chanel bag not practical and it's too small.
I learnt a life lesson - the consequences of buying something because of peer pressure. In my case it was a bag, but for my peers, it could have been an Audi, Ferrari or a house.
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Well said. Too many people succumbed to peer pressure or having to have face. If you can afford a Ferrari and is within your means, please go ahead and do so, POWER TO YOU! :) But for the rest who have to stretch to buy that Ferrari, please think twice. It's only a car that brings you places literally. Bring you place metaphorically can only be done if you really have the substance to carry thru' , if not, that first step will always be at the doorstep and that's it.

I can afford a Ferrari, but I choose to drive a Hyundai. What about you?