Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Get-Rick Quick Seminars or Die Trying

When I first started out doing investments, I had attended a few seminars of options, cfd, forex, stocks, properties that boast immediate profits or explosive returns of 500% etc etc. However, I have always doubted the effectiveness for the investors. But I never doubted the effectiveness for the trainer. The trainers are indeed making explosive profits and guaranteed RISK-FREE. Com'on, if someone can make 500% (or even 10%) a month consistently, he would either be managing a fund and High networth individuals would definitely be clamouring to invest in this type of gurus. You retail investors will not have access to them outright like with all other financial products or investments. So, why are they teaching? To spread the holy goodness to everyone as a way to give back to society? I seriously think Singapore financial regulatory body should start monitoring and regulating activities of this investing seminars.

For me, I will stick to verifiable sources of expertise like books written by gurus whose primary activities are what they are writing about.. Example, Donald Trump writes about real estate, his business is real estate and everyone knows a substantial part of his income and networth is in business, not training. Or when Peter Lynch writes about "one up on wall street", this guy manages a very successful mutual fund previously, he retired Freaking rich.. He does not depend on the training session for income or his networth. There are so many verifiable gurus out there in your library or bookstore and it costs much less.

Anyway, below is a comprehensive feedback by bloggers of the various investment seminars out there. Go check it out before you plonked your money into the courses.

jmot’s Blog
I am like many singaporeans trying to learn to trade by attending seminars since 2003 that sprung up like mushrooms. I would say I am cheated/mislead) by the seminar I attended. Basically the trainer go through theory but not really how to make money trading. After 4 years since 2003 I am still not making money, I find Trading is not a walk in the park and you can lose all your money as I have found out. I want to forewarn those naive singaporeans about those dangerous half-truth seminars where the trainer seems more a motivational speaker than a trader.

My criteria now for trading seminars is
1) the trainer himself managing a fund and has a verfiable track record
2) the trainer is not making most of his money selling seminars but from fund management
3) teaches trading systems not a generic bunch of options theory
4) Excellent post-seminar support and training, contactable
can offer a trading program that last months not just a weekend
(Trading needs not months but years to achieve proficiency)
5) Seminar attendents are making consistent profits from trading systems(Not trading theory) taught

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