Monday, August 31, 2009

Portfolio Update August 2009

Portfolio Cumulative Return since 2007 : -0.06%
Equity Cumulative Return since 2007 : +3.47%
Dividend/Coupon/Interest received for 2009 : SGD$64,061

P/S :
1) Bought into SHK Corporate Arbitrage Fund with John paulson as underlying Fund manager.
2) Tendered SPC shares for a total gain of 90%.
3) Renewed Aud deposit for 3 months at 3.05%.
4) Sell out of Cathay Pacific Bond yielding 3.8% and intend to use the money to buy into equities yielding more than 5%. Current portfolio is yielding sub-2% level as a portion of the portfolio is in non-dividend paying funds.
5) Speculative play on Citigroup at average cost of $4.40.

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JKfund said...

Thanks for visiting my page...

May I know what equity portfolio you are holding?

Wealth Journey said...

As indicated by the asset allocation, I am about 42% in direct equity holdings with another 16% in equity funds and hedge funds.

The composition in my equity holdings consists of around 70-80% bluechips and 20-30% in small caps.

I am not looking for explosive capital appreciation, so dividend paying bluechips suits me just fine.

What about yours?

JKfund said...

Actually, I am asking which particular stocks u are holding... ha...

As for myself, I am holding most of the blue chips too... SPH, Starhub, ST Engineering, Raffles Education, Hyflux, etc..

Small caps are CSC, YongNam, MapTech, HoBee, HPL, ChemOil, etc.

Funds are LionGlobal China Growth Fund, LionGlobal India Fund, and AIGIF Acorns of Asia Balanced Fund.

Endowments are: HSBC Target Saver, AIGIF Acorns of Asia, and AsiaLife LifeSafePlus..

I will try to share more in my website in the future....