Sunday, May 2, 2010

Portfolio Update April 2010

2010 Year to date (YTD) Return
Equity(Include Funds) 
Direct Shareholding
Dividend/Coupon/Interest received for 2010

Absolute Return Since Nov 2007
Portfolio 9.04%
Equity(Include Funds) 20.31%
Direct shareholding22.43%

1) Fear in the market once more. The Greece issue have brought up fear of a contagion on sovereign debts. Defaults are not likely as government interventions have proven to be the defacto way of solving monetary issues. Debt issuances thru' a fiat currency system supported by the Euro is sound as long as Greece guarantees the debt payment thru' taxations and prudent financial measures (that's why Euro wants Greece to adopt austerity measures). Though inflation becomes a side-effect as paper money losses its value.  I am still long in the market as I believe this is possibly a correction in the on-going bull. But I will stick to proper money management strategy and adhere to my trailing cut loss for my positions. Most times, market perception creates trend we can either go against or go along with. 

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