Thursday, November 11, 2010

Investment Banking Valuation

How assets are valued - spoof video reveals shonky banking practices :) Clicked on other videos of the same series to discover banking motivations and Forecasting Techniques?


Anonymous said...


Ha! Ha!
Very funny.
But I like it.
There is so much truth in it.
It is very hard for human beings not to succumb to temptation or corruption when someone is dangling $$$ in front of your bloody eyes.
I believe most people (me included) has "his price".
What's yours?
Ha! HA!
Just for fun.
No offence intended.

Wealth Journey said...

Hmmm... Morale fibers is high in my list of things that define a person. So, I would not for any price stooped to levels below what my own definition of unethical, illegal or corrupted activities are.

I think money is just an enabler to other things in life. How much do you really need in life when you are already financially free and do not desire a lavish lifestyle?

Though, I still hanker the thoughts of making double-digits millions (target date of 2012 to 2014) and even more thru' legal and ethical means. It is more of a game now - The Numbers Game. When you are poor, you say people are rich coz they have money and money begets more money. So if you now have the money (not too much...) to invest, you don't have the excuse of the poor. You now have to make sure money begets more money. Rich must get richer. Intellectually stimulating to invest and know you are on the right path.

Like I say, money is just an enabler to other things in life you enjoyed. Fortunately, Investing is something I enjoy doing.

What's your price then, temperament? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi WJ,

Do you remember the corruption case of Housing Board's Teh Cheng Wan, NTUC'S Phey Yew Kok, and etc...

Are these people like you and me?
No! They are the Elites of the day at that time. They are definitely multi-millionaires of the time. Yet they succumb to temptations.
What I really mean is you never really know how you are going to behave until you face the "music".
Ha! Ha!
For me, I really don't know.

Wealth Journey said...

I'm sorry I disagreed with you. Maybe you are right. But as of now, I am a firm believer of my own character and integrity. A $100million? Hmm... Not really.. Does not really tempt me. I just need XX million and I'm gonna achieve it anyhow.

Anonymous said...

My apology, But I just like a good laugh from your cartoon posting.
Thank you for the funny yet quite truthful cartoon. I enjoy all things that can make people laugh. We all need a good laugh now and then.
Ha! Ha!
Thank you.