Saturday, January 8, 2011

Portfolio Update December 2010

2010 Year to date (YTD) Return
Portfolio 6.79%

Dividend/Interest for 2010   $191,875

Absolute Return Since 11/2007
Portfolio 12.03%

As expected, M&A activities have been going on and it might indicate the optimism of economic recovery by companies.

2008 was the year of doom, 2009 was the year of gloom/uncertainty, 2010 was the year of reviving confidence, 2011 could be the year of optimism and euphoria. If you have not enough equity allocation, allocate more(buy on dips). If you have the desired allocation, keep on the sidelines or do short-term trades (buy on dips and sell on rallies) instead.
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siew said...

Was directed to your blog by a good trader friend.
been reading it since Sep 2010.

I am impressed with your very balanced methodological approach to your investments/trading.

Your approach generates veryg ood cash flow and capital growth.


Can I used how much funds you are working with?

Wealth Journey said...

Thanks for the compliment :)

For the balanced approach, I believe I am a know nothing investor, so it's better to diversify across the asset class. The weightage among the assets will be dynamic to conform to my best "guess-timate" of which asset class make sense from a 3yrs timeframe.

Fund used will be in the millions. I have excluded properties as it's hard to put into the portfolio with the leverage inherent which will skewed the percentage.