Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tampines Trilliant Feng Shui

Update from another fengshui site.. Seems like those not ranked are undesirable within the development.

Credit to : http://www.geomancy.net/phpforum/article.php?bid=2&fid=43&mid=31750&s=2

Extract from Feng Shui Case Study
Using the Tampines Trilliant as an illustration, this development site is well-positioned with respect to the Serangoon Harbour in the Northeast, which could serve as the Main Water Mouth (水口).
With the Main Entrance entering the site in the Southeast direction, this ushers theGrowth “Water” (长生水) or prosperous Qi into the site and residents would benefit from this formation which conforms to one of the 4 Major Water structures in San He Water Assessment Theory (三合水法). With reference to this formation, it denotes nobleman help, good recognition, status and reputation. In addition, it would also foster good people luck (旺人丁), especially will prosper the eldest Child or Grandchild.
With the Tampines Bike Park and the Sun Plaza Park in the North and East of this site respectively, this could conform to the Direct and Indirect Spirit (大零正Feng Shui Principle. The site is timely (当旺and enjoy good Feng Shui for the next 30 years.



Why I bought the Trilliant?

P/S : Just to cater to the folks who got directed here because they googled for "Tampines Trilliant Feng Shui". I saw the search stats. :p


Infi said...

Ha do you look at the Feng shui for every property you buy? yun long zi? ^^

Wealth Journey said...

Yup. Interior fengshui also got consult.

But whether got improved luck and prosperity.. from the looks of my investing record, i doubt it. hehe..

Anonymous said...

Actually I think this only applies to those belong to the east group. Most likely specific to a client the master was advising.