Friday, May 3, 2013

Fun Theory : GuocoLand unveils tallest building in Singapore

Fun theory about how market peak co-incides with tallest buildings.

All three buildings were conceived in the bull market and built through the peak, only to open for business amid the worst office-space market in decades.
As each of these buildings were completed, they opened during down-trodden markets.

The signal to sell appears when the tallest building is conceived or begins construction.

Guess what.. :)

Someone just conceived and will begin construction of the tallest building in Singapore! :) It's due for completion in 2016. Of course.. It is still shorter than most of the tallest building in the world. But it is tallest in Singapore :) How much of a correlation do you think it will be between market peak and tallest buildings? 


Anonymous said...

crash by 2016?

Matthew said...