Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Portfolio - ASX listed companies

For 2014, I would be continuing my focus on ASX listed companies which I've been buying in 2012. ASX-listed companies have been giving a good and stable growth rate if you had invested in the index. Find out from your broker how you can buy ASX listed companies, Australia has a lot of good companies with good investment moat.

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Some examples of them would be :-
1) Supermarket Monopolies : Woolworths & WesFarmers(more than supermarket actually)
2) The Four Pillars of Australia (NAB, CBA, WBC, ANZ)
3) The mining wonder : BHP & Rio Tinto
4) Telecom Duopoly : Telstra & Optus (have other telcos but these two are the most dominant)

 Do check them out for their delicious dividend yield and stable growth.

Also, if you are interested in bonds, their investment grade bonds actually are a good buy with great yields to boot! :) I'm vested in those too.

In terms of forex risk, I'm not too concerned as I do not believe AUSTRALIA will depreciate against SINGAPORE dollars much like what have been happening with Malaysia or US Dollars. Of course, that's just an opinion , not back up by facts. :)


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Anonymous said...

Would like to know what bond are you holding and how to go about buying them?

Anonymous said...

Generally investors prefer to buy stocks from such companies which are listed under ASX. However, the fact is that you should check Australian dividend data before buying stocks.