Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to be good at something after 20 hours.

Josh Kaufman explains the myth of requiring 10,000 hours which is equivalent to 5 years of working full-time to learn something. It is a rule of thumb for world class level performance. But to get  good(not competitive level pro) at something, you only required 20 hours as the learning curve is steep initially.

The way to do it is to :-
1) Deconstruct the skill (a bit similar to 4 hour chef) and break it down to little tasks or skillset.

2) Learn enough to self-correct - thru at least 3 different sources either thru the best books/courses/video available on the subject. Do not read too many books and move on to put what you learn from these 3 sources into practise. People usually procrastinate by saying "i will start doing once i read another 3 books and so on and so forth".

3) Remove practise barriers - Be focus on the subject and not be distracted by whatever gets you distracted daily.

4) Practise at least 20 hours - Pre-commit 20 hours to overcome the initial fustration barrier or fear of failure.

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