Friday, October 21, 2016

18 years later and you did not beat the market.

Does it help that I am not selling you anything? Perhaps. What I am selling you is a story, based on 18 years of experience of what works for the common investor, one that I am already starting to sell to my 7 year old. I prefer he start a business, several businesses for that matter, rather than get wrapped up in trading stocks.

I am finding the time spent researching for the portfolio and worrying about it and yet not beating the market by a big margin is really a waste of time.

Most retail investors are more suited to the index investing arena and spending the time saved enjoying life or working hard. Either way, they would end up more satisfied and richer.

I am planning to transition back to an all properties portfolio when the time comes. The returns from properties are plain amazing when compared to a bond/stock portfolio. Stock market is really an exercise in futility and I don't want to waste my time doing that when the returns cannot match what could be handled to me from a property (assuming you buy and hold 10 , 20 or 30yrs).

Naysayers will talk about the leverage offered and you can do the same for stocks and get amazing returns. I say to them, please go ahead and try that  :) Leverage like you would with a property (20% down, and 80% leverage) and go buy your stock. Tell me how it turns out.

What about property gains are maxed out and you will not get similar returns in the next decade. Well, if that is the case, I would bet the probability of Singapore stock market going nowhere for the next decade to be similar. 


Createwealth8888 said...

18 years has a few market cycles and still can't make it. Never learn

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Now that's what I call a honest review of your stock/bond investment journey after 18 years!

And more importantly, a DECISION is made ;)

Right behind your good self sir!

Although I'm very much on a nano scale. Starting with one humble brick at a time.

I'm the flea that freeloads on an elephant; let the elephant clears the path for me ;)


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WY C said...


I have started investing in properties and shares for about 3 decades now. The recent consolidation, and depressed outlook on property investment (and also due to my retirement age) had me asking myself the question if I should divest properties and invest in shares which is more liquid, and probably provide a better returns since property yield is dropping. However, after reflecting, the answer is No. I still prefer properties which is a more stable investment over stocks. So I totally agree with what you said. Making money in properties is easier than making money in shares in my view because of the controllable factors.

If you are keen to stay in touch, (since we could be like minded - female, investor), I can be reached at my email.

Wealth Journey said...

CW888, Well, I would believe he has come to acknowledge (as do I) that we cannot beat the market and the amount of time/effort spent is not worth it. There could be a better alternative to investment which is within our own capability.

If you can beat the market and think the time is well-worth it, that only means you have the capability to do it. Not everyone has the same capability as you.

SMOL, one brick at a time. In no time, you will have built the GREAT WALL of SMOL. 1 wall. :) 3 more walls and a roof to go. :p Don't forget the door yah..

Wow! 3 decades in properties and shares investments makes you the most seasoned I've seen on the blogosphere ! :) Yes, we all learnt thru' experience and I agreed the CONTROL factor is what really stands out for properties. You cannot dilute the shareholding of the property unless you want to.

An investment in shares , you cannot CONTROL sh.t and you can only hope the management don't do things that are not beneficial to the shareholders.

WY C, let's keep in touch here :) Or better yet, I think a lot of young investors will BENEFIT more from your SHARING in a blog. Share your knowledge in investment in properties and shares. Penned it out :)

If you do create a blog, you can submit it to and you will get a lot of visits from that news aggregator.

I too want to learn more from your sharing. :)