Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to invest $30k?

For the $30k, I would buy the following :-
$5k - HK Tracker Fund , 2800.HK
$5K - iShares STI ETF
$2.5k - SingPost
$2.5k - SPH
$2.5K - Boustead
$2.5k - Rotary Engineering
$2.5k - ComfortDelgro
$2.5k - Wheelock
$2.5k - NOL
$2.5k - SAT Svc

Average Dividend Yield should be around 5%.

Then, whenever you get the dividends, you decide where you want to average down/up or diversify into other ETFs. 'coz your amount is really too small to buy individual stocks, Better buy ETF.

But I design it that you get dividends from those companies to fund your purchase of ETFs.

But the capital gain will come 3-5yrs later.. with your $30k easily doubling to $60k. I am very confident that none of the stocks I mentioned above will go BANKRUPT or will stay at the price you see now in 3 years time!

Yes, it is very Asean-centric and only in the 2 Financial hubs of asia (Ex Japan). But you are doing it for capital appreciation and in a very very conservative way. When you have enough, then you think about other regions. You are in the market to make money , not to follow some theory that you must die die get exposure to all countries. If indeed you want that, then go and speak to your qualified financial professional.

This is solely my way of DIY a $30k portfolio. For your own , please give it some thought and if you are unsure, do speak to a qualified financial professional.


SGDividends said...

Thanks for sharing dude...

But we wouldnt buy the stocks you mentioned...just our opinion..

Singpost - high debt level, no catalyst,dividends is good and sustainable though.Capital appreciation should be limited and increasing competition from emails.

SPH - no catalyst, increasing competition from online adverts,can only see margin compression due to newsprint costs, competition from online news

Boustead - company with 180 years...but dont like the lack of recurring income...they are more of project based..We are neutral on this company though...

Comfortdelgro - very dependent on oil as an input...

We hold SATsvcs though...but we just worry about food as an input...but well..hehe taking a risk.

Just an opinion =).

Feel free to disagree

Wealth Journey said...

No problem. :)

Every investor invest according to their own preference.

Opinions are welcomed as there will always be two sides to the coin and seeing how others evaluate companies you owned from different perspectives might help to weed out unsuitable companies.