Saturday, April 11, 2009

Portfolio Update March 2009

Cumulative Return since Inception: -12.80%

Dividend/Coupon YTD : $8,000

P/S: I have included a new row to track my passive income as I have been in Cash for most of last year. I hope to increase the passive income this year significantly as I allocate out of cash into the portfolio. Hopefully, it will get back to the 6 figure passive income I expected.

I have also changed my Return to track from inception. Let's see whether the cumulative return after 3 years can be at least 200% ? :P This is clearer at a glance how much the value of the portfolio have grown rather than using compounded annualized return. Compounded Annualized Return is good for tracking if you have beaten the indexes or the long run average and should be more applicable to the equity portion of the portfolio instead of mine which consists of different asset classes esp since I do a bond ladder for a steady income stream that scales with inflation.

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