Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Superinvestors of Graham & Doddsville

Here's the link to the article by Warren Buffett suggesting there is value in Value investing after all ->

If you have not read it before, please do it! It is good for you! :)
If you have read it already, please read again! It is good for you! :)

My list of gurus I read for my own investment knowledge.
1) Bruce Berkowitz
2) Seth Klarman
3) Tweedy Browne & Partners
4) Marty Whitman
5) Warren Buffet & Charlie Munger
6) George Soros - ok, he's not value but he's one hell of a investor
7) Marc Faber - Always nice to balance out your view with Gloom & Doom & Boom!... Smile
8) Jeremy Gratham of GMO

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