Saturday, September 1, 2012

Interesting chart of the Australia Stock Market from Philo Capital.
If you can read the article, this is the link from an advisor in Philo Capital about his views of Investment as a matter of timing the market, not time in the market.

Anyway, from the chart, the duration of the big falls to the previous peak last on avg about 7yrs. Since we are into the 5th year of the current one in Australia, I would think australia market represents could give a better relative return as compared to the STI.

That said, timing in the market is still important. I still don't believe the rally and recovery.


Createwealth8888 said...

Do both.

Timing the market and spending time in the market too.

Wealth Journey said...


The more I looked at the Australian Market, the more I believed it is better value than Singapore.

It is a sideway market at the bottom as compared to ours. A sideway market at the top.

I need just one final drop(albeit not the severity of the 2008 crisis, just 15-20% will do) of the global market to say the start of the bull market is here!