Thursday, January 3, 2013

BTO Galore for Singles.

Infi, it's your life. You have to decide. Opinions given are poorly taken. If you win, you congratulate yourself. If you lose, you curse the person for giving you a stupid advice. No win situation for the one who gives his opinion.

Anyway, I did a little detective work and this is what I think has linked congruently for me that this year there will be BTO Galore for singles.

Another logical way is to launch a larger number of BTO flats next year.  Question is what should that magical number be.  This requires some study, and market research.  Hence, I need some time. - Khaw Boon Wan Sept 2012

2. Between 1992 and 2011, singles bought an average of 4,600 resale flats yearly. There is no rising trend of more singles buying resale flats. In fact, the number of singles buying resale flats has fallen from an average of 5,600 flats a year between 2002 and 2006, to an average of 4,300 flats a year between 2007 and 2011. - MND October 2012

He would have started to wind down flat-building but with the Governmen's plan to tweak a policy restricting singles from buying HDB flats, he has "deliberately ramped it up a little bit higher".
"And we're still mulling over it because it's very hard to put a figure on how much should we cater for singles," he added. - Khaw Boon Wan Oct 2012


And as HDB yesterday announced that it will launch at least 23,000 Build-to-Order (BTO) flats this year - or at least 3,000 more than its previous target, Blah blah blah Yesterday, it said: "HDB is finalising its building plans for 2013 and will now target to launch at least 23,000 BTO flats. These projects will have a good geographical spread in various towns or estates. - MND Jan 2013

In summary, in 2012, Khaw Boon Wan hear you singles and intends to launch a larger number of BTO in 2013. He would have wound down the flat building but with Govt's plan to tweak policy restricting singles from buying HDB flats, he deliberately ramp it up a little bit higher.  He needs time to find out what is the MAGICAL number to increase for the singles. He found out there is a falling trend of singles buying HDB Resale from 5,600 to 4,300 by 2011. By 3rd Jan 2013, MND decided the magical number would be 3,000 more BTO than the previous target. 

This is how I linked the news. 

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Infi said...

Hi Wealth Journey,

thanks for taking the extra effort to dig out information to explain to me ^^. You have been most patient and helpful.

I will wait for 2013 and see what is to come and then make the decision. Thanks.