Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Favourite Technical Analysis Website

My favourite technical analysis website is Barton's Global Market Trends.

His technical analysis is simple and no nonsense approach and he does not gives wishy-washy statements about pricing going up or down. He has his conviction and will point you to one direction only. 

All the major indices, commodities, currencies of interest to the retail investors are available at a glance with his thoughts. You can see from the chart the major support and resistance, the reversion to the mean and from there make an educated guess of which one is likely to be bottoming and which one is toppish.

For my own use, I like to buy stocks in countries that are in the long-term bottoming range on the rebound up to the reversion to the mean. Those at the resistance end, I think you can consider taking profits and switching to those at the bottoming phase. While those sitting on the reversion to the mean probably indicates the market is fairly valued and waiting for the euphoria phase if it comes. For example, I've been in Australia and Singapore equities in early 2012. Added the China 2823.HK ETF to my portfolio in December last year and thinking whether to add Euro Stoxx50 and Nikkei ETFs this month. Reasons for using ETFs on the 3 markets are I have not much access and knowledge there , so an index ETF allows me to go in and out quickly should the need arises and I do not have to do much research on the individual companies there to be invested in the market. Singapore and Australia are the only two places I've lived in and I can say most companies there ring a bell to me and I've a rudimentary knowledge of the investing environment here and there.

It's not an advertorial for him but I find it useful enough to recommend to all. Of course, I give a little token of appreciation thru' his paypal account.

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