Saturday, January 12, 2013

CM on Penthouses

I believe the open to air roof terrace now are not under your GFA, that's why you cannot have permanent enclosure for it. So, this new measure will mean more likely there will no longer be roof terrace design for EC/PCs. THe developer will most likely substitute the roof terrace with the enclosed balcony since the balcony is currently already under your GFA and developer do pay a certain DC for it. The effect is your duplex penthouses for ECs/PCs will be rarity. And even if it's not, buyers who want to buy your penthouse will have to pay FULL Price for the roof terrace as NEW ECs/PCs with Roof terrace will not be discounted anymore. 

 There are obviously legal ways and approved by URA for Roof terraces without incurring more GFA. So, I believe if you landscape and do up your roof terraces nicely for your own usage and later when you resell, the buyer can see and feel the landscape and ambience(do it at night). Then obviously price will be more expensive. For developers, if they are now going to sell higher price RT, then obviuosly there will be more thoughts into how to landscape and roof it making it very very conducive for the buyers ot pay the asking price. So therefore, if higher asking prices in future(no longer 50% discount), then it will become norm to charge higher for Roof terraces. Existing owners.. Huat ah! :)

Got this from a forum on how to roof it.

If I recall my previous projects correctly, the formal process of constructing a roof terrace is as follows.

1. MCST Approval
Approval must be sought from MCST to construct as the roof top terrace may impact the external facade or building outlook.

2. URA (
As the strata title locks in the GFA of your unit, any roof terrace should not incur an increase in GFA.

There are several ways of avoiding the increase in GFA.
a. install a open to sky roof trellis with a retractable awning over it.
b. Construct a roof terrace butting against a wall to a maximum of 2m overhang.
c. Construct a 4mx4m covered pavillion on the basis that 2m overhang from edge of roof to wall for roof terraces are exempt from GFA. Therefore a 4mx4m covered pavillion is similar.
d. cbuy an umbrella.

Of course, items (a), (b) or © will require URA submission by the Architect and is subject to approval from the Planner on a case by case basis.

Alternative if the Condo development has GFA to spare, (highly unlikely), you can apply to purchase it from MCST and revise your strata title.

3. BCA
A roof terrace is defined by BCA as "Building works carried out for or in connection with any single storey trellis, pergola, shelter, gazebo and the like." Thus no submission is required.

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YJ72 said...

Huat Ah! luckily I did not sell away my duplex with roof terrace last year. It seem like I have struck 4D twice when the LTA announced that they will built a new MRT station right at the door step of my condo.